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The Cool Suites covers a total area of 20, 390 square meters. It has six towers as well as ten residential floors in each tower. The Cool Suites initially opened its first two towers named A and B; tower A has 363 condo units consisting of 50 parking spaces while tower B has 378 condo units consisting of 54 parking spaces.

The Cool Suites is just one of a kind work of art. It is designed to have four elevators in each tower. The elevators work just perfectly since they are regularly inspected and maintained by the SMDC project management team. The presence of the elevators helps you in getting in your home at ease as well as you can easily carry the large luggage to your condo units. Also, the physically challenged people can find it easy to live at the Cool Suites since the elevators get to ease their lifestyle.

The Cool Suites is also meant to provide a 24-hour security due to the presence of the 24-hour security systems which are well monitored by the SMDC project management team. The residents at the Cool Suites find the place to be very safe and secure. Also, at the entrance, there is a security personnel whose work is to inspect everyone getting in the premises as well as keeps records of all those who entered the residence. Hence, the Cool Suites offers you the kind of security you would need near your homestead.

The area is installed with the automatic fire-sprinklers to improve the safeness of the Cool Suites. The fire sprinklers play an important role in settling down fire outbreak in its early stages. Hence, the residents’ valuable items are safe from any fire outbreaks. The automatic fire sprinklers are installed in each condo unit. They are all monitored and maintained by the SMDC project management team; hence, in the case of the fire outbreak, the sprinklers will never fail to do their work. The automatic fire-sprinkler systems are just for everyone’s protection.  The fire exits are as well available in case of any fire emergencies.

The area is installed with standby generator which is set in the common space as well as the select unit outlets. Hence, the residents have to worry less about any power shortage since the project management team makes sure that the premise has 100% power back up supply to the common areas and commercial area. For the homeowners’ condo units, the back for the electricity supply is for the one light receptacle, one outlet for their refrigerators and one convenience outlet at their living rooms.  Hence, the residents’ day to day activities cannot be hindered by the issue of electricity supply. Book and purchase a condo unit at the Cool Suites to get to enjoy a 24-hour power supply in your home.

For complete sanitation, the Cool Suites is installed with a centralized cistern tank as well as sewer treatment plant. Also, all the condo units are supplied with enough water. Hence, the residents can feel free to do their laundry, wash their cars and much more. Water is life! And living in a place with plenty water supply makes your life easy and straightforward. If you are searching for a condo unit to buy or rent in the City of Tagaytay, stop searching! Cool Suites is just the perfect place for you. It offers you the chance of enjoying enough water supply and much more.

At the ground floor in tower A, there is a commercial strip. Hence, the residents find it easy to access some of the things they may want just a few steps from their door steps. The commercial area consists of hotels, restaurants, cafes, mini shops and much more. The available hotels offer both national and international foods which are prepared by the experts. Hence, for those who prefer buying foods instead of cooking for themselves, the hotels, as well as the restaurants, will help them a lot. The open shops consist of accessories, toiletries, bread and much more. Shopping is made easy at the Cool Suites due to the presence of the commercial area. Also, if you want to open your store, there are available stores at the Cool Suites, feel free to rent one.

On every floor of the Cool Suites, there is a garbage room where the residents can throw their trash. The trash room on every floor makes it easy for the residents to access it. All the garbage rooms are regularly emptied and cleaned by the trash collectors hired by the SMDC project management team. Hence, the hygiene of the Cool Suite is highly maintained.

Cool Suites Unit Layout

The Cool Suites is designed with one bedroom with a balcony as well as one-bedroom end units with a balcony. The residence also has the two-bedroom condo units with a balcony. The open balconies are situated in an area where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Tagaytay City.

Cool Suites Model Unit and Basic Finished

All the condo units at the Cool Suites are perfectly painted with a plain cement finish at the dining and living area, toilet, bathrooms, and kitchen area. The floors are fitted with ceramic tiles in all the corners of the condo unit. The bath, showers, and the kitchen consist of complete fixtures. The project management team at the Cool Suites can help you to design your condo units from two bedrooms or more by just combining it.

Own a home in the city of Tagaytay. All the condo units at the Cool Suites are affordable as well as flexible terms are provided. Do not wait! Reserve your condo unit today. Do not miss this great chance that comes once in a lifetime.

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